God Blood


Chapter 1

The Beginning – A brief history

My first Encounter – Christmas Eve 2009

The Trigger – Forgotten Knowledge of the Sumerians that peaked my curiosity.

Curiosity killed the cat – The more information I found the more curious I got.

Know our origins- Mesopotamia and the Sumerians connection to rise of civilization

The Sumerians and the truth about Noah’s flood – It’s much older than the bible, by almost two thousand years, maybe more.

Chapter 2

The Black Sea region – 5500 -5000BC the Black Sea region and the earliest metals.

Indo Europeans Language – It was the base for civilization…

Racial Traits –– Irish Red hair paired with light eyes unique history I bet you didn’t know but should.

My second Encounter – One of the most profound, documented and proven God-like visitations in history. You read, you decide.

-Who am I? – I start to question my sanity. Is this happening or am I crazy? An Angel Uriel Answers.

Chapter 3

Genealogy – I was told by God to look into my family history. I never knew what I’d find, Knights, Kings, Queens, Cardinals and Saints.

Mother- (Follansbee) Descends from all European Kings! Name Drop Plantagenet, Capet, Castile and Merovech of the Merovingian are who Dan Brown says carry the Blood of God and I agree.

Father – (Johnson) The name itself dates to the earliest Greeks (Ionannes), and refers to the earliest patriarchs.

Chapter 4

Gods – A look at who the original Gods were.

Angels and Demons – Arch Angels and the fallen Angels and what they did.

Biblical Patriarchs – The Unwritten history of the most important figures in all of History. Japheth the son of Noah, responsible for bringing this holy bloodline to all of Europe, left out of history. Not anymore.

Sacred Text – what do they say? Can they help?

-Holy Bible – Main source of our history leaves us in the dark. Well I brought a flashlight to shine a light on the books of Mary and Thomas

-Dead Sea Scrolls - Very old and recently found.

-Book of Enoch – Originally placed in front of Genesis, found with the Dead Sea scrolls but left out of the Bible. See why.

-Book of Giants – Also left out of the Bible but confirmed there within.

Chapter 5

Timeline of Civilization – Let’s get our facts straight. First cities, first Inventions.

Going back to the end of time - Ancient civilizations and Neanderthals.

Today’s Science – Global warming and Ice core data.

Mysteries – 223 Alien Genes, underwater cities of the US east coast.

Closing Theory – My final scientific, theory to the origins of these spiritual encounters.

Predictions – Regarding the Mayan Colander and our future.

Love is divine – All you need is love.

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