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The purpose of this book is to bring light to a subjects cloaked in darkness and unknowing. It covers the Gods of old and how they relate directly biblical patriarchs. My spiritual experiences, the origins of blue or light colored eyes, burial mounds, metallurgy and my personal genealogy. It looks at major advancements through civilization from the wheel to steel along with major climatic events.. All of the information is 100% true and accurate.

The Catch

This is a story of tapping into the unkown  A whisper in my ear told me I was of royal blood. Thinking myself crazy I looked on ancestry.com and the whisper was right. What was that Whisper? A quest to answer that question lead me to the truth about our earliest religeous stories and the Sumerians that told the story.



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God Blood By William Johnson


About the book

I know there are a lot of people out there that are searching for answers to hard questions regarding god and spiritual existence.
This book is about spiritual encounters and one particular vision regarding creation that left me with knowledge not previously known. At first I thought I was crazy until I started uncovering historical information, the same I received in this vision. Information regarding our earliest recorded history like Noah’s flood that was originally told by the Sumerians over 2000 years earlier.
Further investigation I found that the Sumerian flood story was not the only piece of history taken and retold.

Shortly after I heard a whisper that told me I was of royal blood and tasked me with writing this book. Again thinking myself crazy I looked on ancestry.com and come to find out the whisper was correct. Not only was there a connection to royalty but connections to royal bloodlines that spread thought Europe leading back to the Merovingian whom have been written about carrying the blood of Christ.
What was that whisper? A quest to answer that question lead me on a journey to the very start of civilization beginning with the Sumerians. This just happens to coincide with the development or mutation of lighter colored eyes in the Black Sea region around the time of its flooding about 5600BC. Read, learn and reaffirm your beliefs with the knowledge that our earliest biblical figures did in fact exist. Some were even given the title of God in other languages thus leading to a pantheon of Gods and much war.

Read what lead me to answer our toughest religious and spiritual questions like whom or what is God? Who and what are Angels, Demons and Spirits and their difference. Maybe just as important, who are we? Where do we come from? Are we the first? Are we alone in the universe? These seem too simple of questions to have caused so much controversy in our history.

I’m very descriptive in explaining these visions because I hope it can shed light to someone that may have had a similar experience.  I want to know if anyone else is familiar with similar experiences or has knowledge of such.


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