God Blood

God Blood covers many different subjects and is packed into a short 150pg work. This was dwindled down from a massive 500pg manuscript because there are limitations to file size when using an ebook format. There is also the fact of cost with such a large book which translates to a high price tag which most people will not pay for a first time Author one's ever heard of.

So the book's first 60 or so pages covers my spiritual experiences, ancient religion, the origins of blue or light colored eyes, burial mounds, metallurgy and genealogy. All of the information is 100% true and accurate. Here you read how God, Angel, Spirit what have you told me to write of a book of history, this book. Not feeling myself worthy I guess you would call it, he told me I was and that I come from Kings. Was it fate that my mother loves genealogy and had done extensive search on our family. But where she left off I picked up and traced her roots to the Kings of England with the Plantagenet bloodline. This Plantagenet bloodline is the key to the earliest royal bloodlines of Europe and lead to the Merovingian who have been written about by Dan Brown as having the blood of Christ from his child with Mary.

The book then dives into the Gods of old and how they relate directly biblical patriarchs. I felt the need to cover many patriarchs because there doesn't seem to be much information available on them and I think its important information people would like to know. For instance many question Noah having ever lived and here within you will see his story documented in many other ancient languages. And for his son Japheth and his sons, they populated Europe and some became Norse Gods.

What I would call the 3rd book takes over with the timeline of civilization. This covers all of the major advancments throught civilization from the wheel to steel along with major climatic events. There is a section on water levels that shows what the earth has been doing over time.. While on the topic of water I wanted to point out modern mysteries like underwater structures. Again I had many more but was limited on space.

In my closing I give what I have so far as my theory and end with Love being a sort of recipe for faith.

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