God Blood

This section was suposed to be in the original book. This is already added to the book and the new version will be uploaded ASAP. Thx- 2/27/12


Other Spiritual encounters and Visions

After I discovered all this information about my ancestors I knew I had found what I was searching for. Well that is for the most part. There is no doubt that if there is a blood of God then it would reside in atleast one of the desendents mentioned.

The following are some of the spiritual encounters I had after I found this info.

At night while asleep I had a vision. Not a dream a vision. It happened just before I awoke. I saw a white bird in a tree with and all the background was black.  My vision zoomed in on the eye of the bird and inside its black eye was a white pentagram. When I awoke it was the first thing in my head. I told my wife about it and she thought it was a good sign. I continued my morning like every other and went to work. It was on my brain so much I could not think. I thought about its meaning and all I could come up with was the white bird often represents a dove which in turn represents Jesus Christ or Peace. The Pentagram is of course pagan in nature and considered opposite of early Christian Ideology. I kept having visions and nonstop plaguing thoughts of my recent encounters. It was like my mind sped up into high gear. I don’t know what happened but something triggered a switch in my head. I became more aware of masonic symbols and things like the colors in which people choose became relevant to their spiritual nature.

At one point during the day a customer in a red ram pickup pulled up very fast out of the wash tunnel and parked abruptly in front of me. I could sense evil. The driver jumped out of the truck and walked right up to me almost nose to nose and stared directly into my eyes. My eyes grew large and I stared into his eyes. At this time I was not myself. It felt like as if to see into his soul. I stared but I couldn’t see anything, only felt this shroud of evil. I felt my eyes flinch slightly closed like a half wink and I swear I saw something like a flash of light from my whole outer peripheral vision. His eyes grew even wider than mine and he backed away as if in fear... As he walked away I actually don’t know how to describe how I felt. I had someone else clean his car because I wasn’t comfortable of course. I blocked what happened out of my head while working until one of my coworkers told me to find the owned to let him know his truck was done. As I approached the waiting area I could see the gentlemen in the back with his hands and fingers clinched together with his head tilted down seeming praying or mumbling something… I spoke across the waiting “your truck is done”. He tried to speak but he was choked up and nothing really came out. I asked him to repeat himself, still choked up and obviously avoiding eye contact he sputtered “ok”.

I had no idea what was going on. Needless to say it was not an easy work day. By the time I got home I was on the computer looking up all the questions I had thought up and try to find answers to what was going on. It felt like I had slipped into another dimension. Everything was the same but it wasn’t. People looked and talked different. And they were looking and talking to me different not everyone else… It was so eerie like something was in the air…

My Revelations continued to get much stronger over the day and I was starting to get scared. On my way back from lunch I got stared down by a bald eagle that had a nest above the carwash. I had seen them in the past fly in or out a time or two but this was different. It was staring at me but its eyes were completely dark gray with zero white and outlined in black. Its head was tilted down at me directly and its eyes were open super wide staring into mine. It stared at me in a way that birds don’t look at people. It was a role reversal. I felt like it was staring into my soul. But I was not scared. I stood with my hands on my hips staring back with a smile knowing I was in the right. I let the eagle stare until I was getting yelled at for not working. I felt that maybe I was going to die soon and this was the start of my judgment period. I wasn’t sure what to make of them. This all added to my already building belief that I may actually be important after all

(My spiritual experience (a definitive angelic travel known to be absolutely true without hesitation to the knower. It will not be deniable to the knower (although they may deny it to others(common)).

At this same place of work there was a Bald Eagle’s nest atop a cell tower in the rear of the property. I had noticed a mother bird and heard chicks but never saw a male. One afternoon on break I was walking around the back of the building to smoke a cigarette and there he was staring directly at me. Its eyes were not the eyes of any eagle. They were completely dark gray with a black lineing around them. It stared at me in what looked like it was trying to be intimidating. I felt asthough it was looking into my soul in a judging fashion. Regardless of how frightening its eyes and its stare, I was not afraid. I actually put my hands on my hips and looked back as to say “go ahead”. The stare lasted 30 seconds maybe and was interrupted by other workers on break.

I had no idea how to describe its eyes other than that but they looked familiar somehow. When writing this book I came across the eyes I had seen that day at work. They were undeniable once I saw them.(See under text) 

Call it coincidence but my fathers Birthday is on Dec 5th, The day of Ashura which beings at sundown.

To me this is a sign of someone watching, testing or judging over me. Compiled with what the other experances I had at work I was confused. It felt like there was something attached or attached me spiritually to that location. The owner was Jewish so I took the liberty of talking to him about about some of my spiritual encounters because of the Kabbala and Jewish people seem to have more religious/spiritual insight than most other religious people. He sudjested that I go and talk with a Rabbi which I never did. Throught time I gave it much consideration but as time past I started answering some of my questions one by one through hours of research for this book as it was being written.

My last work experience I will share in this book is when a man showed up in a large sparkling white luxury car. As he exited I felt his aura and it was brilliant. He was wearing sunglasses and I still could not look at him. As I made my way around his car I could feel myself burning hot. I looked up and he was standing next to another man both staring up at the eagles nest. I looked over at the other gentlemen’s vehicle and he had a white pickup truck with a Mason symbol on the back. I watch the two of them and they were as if the two of them were in their own spirit world. It was blistering hot outside but as I was washing the vehicals wheels, It felt asthough time had slowed down and the heat really began to increase. It was so hot it felt asthough I was at that point burning. When his vehicle was done he gave a generous tip and told me he pays for good service. I held the money up the sky and thanked God. I don’t yet understand everything that happened but this was my last major encounter with some sort of intelligent spirit and this was a test that I am left feeling asthough I had passed

To give you a little perspective of where my mind was later that day, I was scared to go to sleep because I felt asthough I might not wake up. This was the end of the 77 days.

The next day I awoke new, refreshed, reborn, “I’m alive”.


The eyes of Assure - I saw the same eyes you see in the picture below. Same gray color shape although if one thing were different, the outline of the eye was a little darker and maybe even more exact. Which is why I offer the other picture below Assure.

It is said that this is to be Enki or Enlil, chief Gods of the Sumerians. 

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