God Blood

Here you can download God Blood's first 60-70 pages or the whole book.Last updated 4/3/12

God Blood book 1. This is the first 60 pages of the book and it covers my main 3 spiritual experiences and much information on the Sumerian culture, religion and how it made it's way into the bible.

God Blood1st.pdf God Blood1st.pdf
Size : 1543.509 Kb
Type : pdf

 God Blood complete book. this includes the second book which covers the Ancient Gods, biblical figures, Angels and Demons, specificaly the first to have fallen and described by Enoch. 150+ pages and many amazing ancient carvings. As of 4/3/12 This book contains my other spiritual experiences that are listed on this website.

God Blood.pdf God Blood.pdf
Size : 4220.114 Kb
Type : pdf

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